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At PLANES we are interested in using ecosystem services knowledge to improve real-life decisions, with a focus on urban and spatial planning, land-use policies and project design.

Areas of research include nature-based solutions to promote health and equity in cities, ecosystem-based climate adaptation, Strategic Environmental Assessment, and multicriteria analysis.

We love empirical research. Our study areas range from European cities to the Italian Alps, and from Indian urban areas to temperate forests in South-America and urban watersheds in the Horn of Africa.

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Davide Geneletti

PhD, Associate Professor 

(group leader)

E-mail: davide.geneletti (at) unitn.it

Phone: +39 0461282685

ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-5528-3365

I’m a sustainability scientist, specialized in urban and spatial planning, impact assessment, and environmental decision-making. Formerly research fellow at Harvard University’s Sustainability Science Program, and visiting scholar at Stanford University. I consulted for public bodies internationally, including UNEP, UN-HABITAT, and the European Commission.

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Blal Adem Esmail

PhD, Post-doc Fellow

E-mail: blal.ademesmail (at) unitn.it

Phone: +39 0461 282688

Website: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Blal_Adem_Esmail

I’m interested in operationalizing an ecosystem services approach in watershed management, focusing on the role of urban water infrastructures and the institutions involved in their management. More generally, I research methods for mapping and assessing ecosystem services to support landscape planning. Formerly, teaching assistant in water engineering and technical manager and consultant in the fields of building construction and oil & gas research.

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Davide Longato

PhD Student

E-Mail: davide.longato (at) unitn.it

Phone: +39 0461 282688

Website: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Davide_Longato

My research interests include sustainable urban and landscape development, especially regarding the topics of ecosystem services, urban metabolism, and circular economy. My current research activities focus on the planning of nature-based solutions in urban areas. I received my MSc in “Planning and Policies for Cities, Environment and Landscape” from the University IUAV of Venice.

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Javier Babi Almenar

PhD Student

E-Mail: javier.babialmenar (at) unitn.it

Website: linkedin.com/in/jbaal

I research the relations among Nature-Based Solutions (NBS), Ecosystem Services, and Urban Sustainability. Specifically, I study environmental and economic assessments of NBS making use of a systems dynamics approach. I hold academic degrees in Environmental Sciences, Architecture/Urbanism, and Landscape Ecology. In the past, I worked for a planning consultancy in the UK.


Enzo Falco

Assistant Professor

Based on a legal geography approach, I conduct research on the impact of planning regulations on urban development, transfer of development rights, and preservation of natural urban areas along with research on governance and approaches to public participation in planning. Formerly post-doc researcher at TU Delft and planning consultant for local planning authorities.

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Chiara Cortinovis

PhD, Post-doc Fellow

E-Mail: chiara.cortinovis (at) unitn.it

Phone: +39 0461 282688

Website: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Chiara_Cortinovis

I research the role of urban planning in promoting sustainable and resilient cities. Particularly, I focus on the integration of ecosystem services in planning practices and tools and the implementation of urban green infrastructures. Formerly visiting scholar at Humboldt University of Berlin, expert for the European Commission and planning consultant for public administrations.


Maria Susana

Orta Ortiz

PhD Student 

E-Mail: maria.ortaortiz (at) unitn.it

Phone: +39 0461 282688

I research the link between nature-based solutions and sustainability to support the spatial planning of sustainable cities. I worked as a research fellow at the University of Trento, Italy, mapping and assessing the ecosystem services provided by the urban green infrastructure of the city of Havana, Cuba. I hold a Master of Science in Architecture and Construction Engineering from the University of Trento, Italy.


Jarumi Kato Huerta

PhD Student 

E-Mail: jarumi.katohuerta (at) unitn.it

Phone: +39 0461 282688

My PhD project focuses on the equity angles in ecosystem services governance and discusses the implication of nature-based solutions for environmental justice and social inclusion in cities. I hold an MSc in Ecosystem Services from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, where I assessed the social and ecological outcomes of the Payment for Ecosystem Services programme in Mexico.



Mauro Carolli


Mauro’s PhD research analyzed the effects of hydropower production on river biodiversity and ecosystem services. He is currently a researcher at the Department of Ecosystem Research of IGB in Berlin.

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Parveen Kurman


His PhD research focused Spatial planning policies to integrate climate change adaptation at local level in India. Parveen is currently a post-doc researcher at the Environmental Research Institute, University College Cork


Marika Ferrari


In her PhD, she developed methods to map and assess ecosystem services and their trade-offs in Alpine regions. Marika is currently with the Autonomous Province of Trento. 




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Linda Zardo


During her PhD, Linda focused on the assessment of the cooling capacity of urban green infrastructures to support spatial planning. She is currently an Environmental expert for the United Nations Human Settlements Programme in South-East Africa.

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Rocco Scolozzi


Rocco’s research focused on system dynamics, ecosystem service modelling and climate adaptation at the regional scale. He is the co-founder of the start-up company -skopìa (link: https://www.skopia-anticipation.it/it/chi-siamo)